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92 Series .22 LR Practice Kit + pistol
  • 92 Series .22 LR Practice Kit + pistol
  • 92 Series .22 LR Practice Kit

Beretta 92 Series .22LR Practice Kit

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Designed for practice shooting and training with the pistol you are already familiar, the 92(*) Series Practice Kit includes a steel .22LR barrel, aluminum slide with FS manual safety and firing pin block device, recoil spring guide, recoil spring, magazine loader and 10 round techno-polymer magazine. The slide features a fixed front sight and fully adjustable rear sight. The locking system becomes blow-back. The finish is matte black.

(*)The Kit can be mounted on ALL SERIES 92 PISTOLS WITH STANDARD FRAME - MODELS 92SB, 92F, 92FS, 98F, 98FS and 96 as well as MODELS 92G, 96G, 92D, 98F CAL. 7.65 MM PARA and on the TARGET, BRIGADIER, CENTURION AND ELITE versions.
However, the practice kit cannot be used on models:
- COMPACT L and COMPACT L "TYPE M", due to their shorter frame and slide,
- COMBAT, STOCK, and BILLENNIUM versions due to their totally different safety systems (frame-mounted safety),
- 90-Two (9mm/.40S&W), 92A1 and 96A1 due the different frame dimensions. 

Magazine Capacity
Length (in.)
Sight Radius (in.)
.22 LR Practice Kit
.22 LR

Please contact Beretta Customer Support at 1-800-237-3882 for assistance if you are not certain if this kit will work with your firearm.

Beretta 92 Practice Kit User Manual
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Beretta 92 Series .22LR Practice Kit
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December 23, 2013
Pricey but worth it..I think

I was interested in buying one of these and was watching the Beretta web site as they were out of stock. As soon as I saw they were in stock I ordered it. Very fast shipping. Once received , I wiped it down with oil and assembled the kit on my 92FS. I took it to the range and fired several magazines of Federal HV value pack ammo without any issues. Then for grins and chuckles I fired several magazines of Federal Target (711b). I was told that I should use only HV ammo in any conversion unit, but it functioned just fine with the target ammo. Accuracy was better than expected, at 7yds, 10 shots into a quarter size group and most of those shots in a single hole a nickel would cover. Not a target 22 but pretty good. I had 1 failure to feed at round 97 but that was the only issue. As far as the practice kit theory, the gun has many differences in weight, recoil, and it seemed the trigger felt a little different. All in all I think it is going to work but that is to be determined. I would at this point recommend this product to friends.

June 23, 2013
Great but Expensive

If you are looking for a 22 conversion for your Beretta this is really the only option. You won't be disappointed. It converts in seconds and you can swap back and forth while at the range. Switching the slides takes about 2 seconds. The shoot of the gun feels like you are shooting your 9mm (minus the kick of course). The slide moves easily just like the 9mm slide. We shot all day and except for the first 2 mags through it there were no jams or missed ejections. The accuracy is the same as the 9mm. All the controls like the safety work exactly like the 9mm. The only downside is the cost. At 389 it is one of the most expensive 22 Conversion units for any gun. In the long run the price I paid will fade from memory and It and the 9mm will be one of my favorite guns to shoot.

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