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Beretta 92FS/96 Picatinny Rail System View Larger
Beretta 92FS/96 Picatinny Rail System
  • Beretta 92FS/96 Picatinny Rail System
  • Beretta 92FS/96 Picatinny Rail System

Beretta 92FS/96 Picatinny Rail System

Stock No: TDIBERA1


A nice solution for quickly and easily adding versatility to pistols without a Picatinny rail. The easy to fit and remove system clamps onto the trigger guard area and is secured by Allen screws, providing stability for mounted light or laser. CNC machined from aviation grade Aluminum. Weighs just 1.410 ounces. Imported.

IMPORTANT: Please inspect your gun prior to purchasing this item to ensure that the dust guard will accommodate this particular rail. The dust cover machining on the dust guard must be straight, and not angled. Please see the image below for comparison. The gun on the left will NOT accommodate this rail, as the machining is angled. The gun on the right will accommodate the rail because the machining is straight.

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  • Weight (oz) 1.410
  • Height (in) 1.732
  • Length (in) 3.267
  • Width (in) 0.905
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DESCRIPTION The BERA1 Picatinny Rail Mount was designed for the BERETTA F92 pistol. The BERA1 Picatinny Rail Mount fits under the pistol frame, in front of the trigger guard, using two lock bars, each fitted with two Allen bolts. This mount accepts an extensive range of tactical accessories such as flashlights, laser designators, etc., designed for mounting on standard Picatinny rails. User installed - no modification or gunsmithing required.
1. Using an Allen wrench, unscrew and remove the two Allen bolts attaching the two lock bars to the BERA1 Picatinny Rail Mount.
2. Attach the mount to the pistol frame and trigger guard, parallel with the barrel, and ensure it is tightly attached to the frame and trigger guard by pushing firmly together.
3. While holding the mount attached to the pistol frame, position each lock bar, in turn, across the inner side of the trigger guard and align the holes in the lock bar with the corresponding holes in the rail mount.
4. Insert the Allen bolts from the outside through the holes in the rail mount and lock bars and tighten using the Allen wrench until the BERA1 Picatinny Rail Mount is securely attached to the pistol.
5. Use only adaptors suitable for Picatinny standard rails on the BERA1 Picatinny Rail Mount.
6. To remove the BERA1 Picatinny Rail Mount, unscrew and remove the two Allen bolts holding the mount attached to the Beretta pistol, then pull and remove.
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Beretta 92FS/96 Picatinny Rail System
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September 13, 2012
Picatinny Rail System Review

I wanted the ability to mount a TLR-1 to my non-rail 92 pistols, but had hesitations due to past experiences with many clamp-on products. The Tdi rail is a first class product, however. It is well made, and simple to mount - using the same size allen bit as used to remove the allen head grip screws on newer 92FS pistols. I have had the product mounted on several pistols, both "slanted" and "straight" dust covers. Throughout this process, I noted absolutely zero damage to the frame. The product can be used on both straight and slanted dust covers, but has a closer "weld" on the straight dust covers. I previously looked at two competitor's offerings, and consider this one to be the best choice.

September 12, 2012
Stable and easy to use

Received it late August. Easy to install. Very stable. Mounted flashlight with laser.
Works GREAT!
Only drawback--doesen't fit easilly in a holster.

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