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Hand Crafted Leather Belt, 1 1/2", Dark Brown View Larger
Hand Crafted Leather Belt, 1 1/2", Dark Brown
  • Hand Crafted Leather Belt, 1 1/2", Dark Brown
  • Beretta Hand Crafted Leather Belt

Beretta Hand Crafted Leather Belt, 1 1/2", Dark Brown

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Our dual layered 1 1/2" Bull Hide belt is by far our most popular for those who dress casually. It is extremely sturdy and yet extremely comfortable for those who carry a firearm and accessories.  All of our belts are constructed in the same way paying attention to every detail.

Each belt is hand crafted from 2 layers of  6/7 oz  Bull Hide from the finest tanneries available. (the thickness will be a tad shy of .25”). We only use Premium Grade A hides from the finest tanneries. The straps are then dipped in dye so they absorb the intended color at a more even rate. Then glued and sewn with “black” or “white” heavy duty nylon thread. Each belt then goes through a 21 step process of edging, dying, burnishing, sealing, sanding and then to the final coat. All of our Keepers are stitched, as well. All this is done by hand to achieve a truly hand crafted product.  Our belts will last for years and function as they were intended.

Between each step the belt is wiped down with lambs wool and inspected for any imperfections. We do not dye the liner to prevent dye transfer onto clothing.  A good sealer and a top coat and the liner is good to go. We use only the finest leather products available on the market.
A good quality double layer of 6/7 oz  Bull Hide 36 oz firearm and accessories all day long without sagging. Our belts will not stretch over time and will conform to your body for a comfortable fit.

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Available also in Black model, <click here>


NOTE: We install the buckle using 2 removable mirror polished Chicago Screws to match the buckle color. We do this to allow our Customers to install their own buckle if desired.
(Our standard hole punching is 5 holes positioned 1” apart or 7 holes punched at 3/4” apart. With the 5 hole option we use oblong holes on our 1 ½ as well as our 1 ¾” belts so it lays flatter in the front.)
Be sure to keep the Chicago Screws tight.  They have been know to back out from time to time. You might want to put a little "Loctite" #242 to secure them.

Sizing Your Belt

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of measuring your new belt correctly. Sizing your belt is critical and is your responsibility. Remember each belt is hand crafted from the information you give us.

We do not need your pant size or your waist size.

Please follow the instructions on "Sizing your belt". (If you carry an inside the Waist Band (IWB) holster you will need to measure with your holster in place).

If you have any questions concerning Sizing, please give us a call because mismeasured belts are not returnable.

How to size your belt when ordering using a belt you already have:

Measure a belt you have now from the end of the buckle to the hole you use most often (to the nearest inch).  This measurement should be about two inches larger than your waist or pant size.

"We do not cut our belts in fractions of an inch"


How to size your belt when ordering using a cloth measuring tape

If you don't have a belt you can use a cloth tape measure. Put it through the belt loops on your pants and pull it a LITTLE snug.

Note: If your measurements end up to be in between inch marks you should round it off to the next larger inch mark.

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Beretta Hand Crafted Leather Belt, 1 1/2", Dark Brown
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I carry
April 13, 2012
If you think your belt is good, you are wrong.

I have two of these belts, one brown and one black. You will be surprised by how strong they are. The vertical strength is perfect and they go well with whichever pistol I chose. It can be a 92FS or a Tomcat, it makes no difference. But is very, very comfortable. The buckle is top quality and the stitching is perfect.

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