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Beretta Secure Ammunition Box 9mm (.38, .40)

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The Safe, Secure Ammunition Box

ZERO is a solid yet portable Ammunition Box which sports an Aluminum Chassis and an integrated Keylock to ensure a high degree of in-built security. ZERO can safely store up to 50 rounds and is available for almost every caliber, ranging from the 9mm. Under the hood is a super resistant foam that prevents rattling and retains cartridges even when the Ammo Box is held upside down. Made in Italy.

In every line of ammunition boxes that Technoframes produce, attention to detail is an element that is considered paramount - especialy true for ZERO, where the various details are what differentiates this ammunition box from the rest. This is evident in the production of the base and cover, which are precision machined from a single block of Aluminum so as to prevent defects which might otherwise occur from screw in assembly or soldering. The hinges on each ZERO are made from solid steel with a satinated finish while the plate which separates the cartridges is made of INOX Steel 304
Maximum care is also taken during the production of the cartridge plate which is laser cut using specialized machinery. The INOX Steel screws which hold the cover, hinges & lock in place all possess anti-intrusion heads.

Classic or Tactical Key?

When talking about ammunition the aspect of security must also be considered. For this reason we have built a locking mechanism into the design which will ensure your ammunition doesn't fall into the wrong hands. As no lock can be complete without a key, you get to choose between two variations, Classic and Tactical (Tactical is sold separatly).  The first is a Gold plated key and ships as standard with Zero, whereas the Tactical key is an optional extra composed of Aluminum and Steel with a unique magnetic closing mechanism. Both keys are compact and can be easily added to a keychain.

Order the Tactical Key, click here.

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Beretta Secure Ammunition Box 9mm (.38, .40)
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Primetime MVH
March 29, 2011
Excellent Quality; Beretta Does IT Again

I purchased this item for myself on March 18, 2011. It arrived on my front porch within only a few days (less than a week). The product is truly well made and sturdy. It fits very well inside of my in home pistol vault. I am very happy that I purchased this items. Thanks Beretta; you've done it again! Keep up the good work.


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