Beretta Shot Shell Humidor - Blue

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Keep your favorite cigars fresh and ready to smoke, whether at home or the hunting lodge.

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  • Aluminum shell with rubber exterior coating
  • Aluminum screw-on cap
  • Replaceable cedar lining
  • 9.5" x 2.95"
  • Colors: Colors: BK)black, BL)blue, G)green, R)red
  • Imported

                                                          Beretta Humidor Instructions

1)Open the lid of the humidor, See Figure A

Figure A

2)Inside the top lid is a filter, Unscrew the filter from the top of the lid, See Figure B

Figure B

3)Dip Green Filter in distilled water (must be distilled water)

4)Screw the green filter back into the lid of the humidor, wiping off access water so that it does not drip onto the cigars.

5)Remove your cigars from the cellophane outer wrapper before placing them into the humidor. This will keep the cigars fresh longer.

6)Once the cigars are out of the wrapper, place them into the humidor and screw on the completed lid, see Figure C. Filter should remain moist for 5 to 7 days depending on climate.

Figure C

7) These steps can be repeated as necessary.



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