Beretta 92/96 Series Hybrid Right Hand IWB Holster Review: Comfortable Carry

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Comfortable Carry


My 92FS is carried all day, every day. I appreciate comfort. My work demands complete concealment. My work also demands instantly drawing with a proper shooting grip (without having to reposition during presentation of the firearm). This holster delivers pretty well on comfort and concealment. Where it's not quite satisfactory is in meeting my need to draw quickly with proper purchase high on the grip with the middle finger against the bottom of the trigger guard and the web of the palm high up on the beavertail. Adjusting the ride and cant is nice, and helped to improve comfort, concealment, and grip-ability. The final obstacle to me being able to grip and draw the way I want to is the cut of the Kydex element. If you are looking for comfort and concealment, and you are okay with slightly adjusting your grip on the way out of the draw this is the best IWB holster for the 92/96 and the price is an excellent value.

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