• JK005A01_AIRLIGHT-3_BLK_SM_BACK_square
  • JK005A01_AIRLIGHT-3_BLK_SM_SIDE_square
  • JK005A01_AIRLIGHT-3_BLK_SM_CLOSED_square
  • JK005A01_AIRLIGHT-3_BLK_SM_BLADE_square
  • JK005A01_AIRLIGHT-3_BLK_SM_HANDLE_square
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# JK005A01

Waterfowl Hunter, Big Game, Rifle Hunting, Upland Sportsman, Outdoor Casual

Beretta Airlight III Black Small Knife


The new Beretta Airlight III is the latest rendition of the classic knife from Beretta. It has a redesigned handle where the aluminum is flush with t ... Read More