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Beretta APX Carry Wolf Grey Grip Frame

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Customize your Beretta APX Carry pisto with a different color, stippling, and or grip modifications This non-serialized grip frame is a direct fit and allows for non-permanent alteration of your APX Carry frame.

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Beretta Wolf Grey grip frame for APX Carry.

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5 out of 5

Perfect Replica of Solid Black Grip


The grip looks nice. For the price, I just wanted the gun to have a bit more flare than a solid black gun, and only had the solid black version available locally. I bought the Wplf Grey grip and the Green grip, and both were nearly flawless. The only thing that wasn't an exact replica was the arrow around the slide release screw. Both the green and the Grey grips I bought had a totally deformed arrow, but that doesn't matter to me at all.

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