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Beretta IWB Holster mod. S for pistol mod. APX Std, Compact & Centurion, RH

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# E01213

IWB holster mod."S" with a clip for APX. Right hand


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IWB holster mod."S" with a clip for APX. Right hand.
The new border of ridde product permits you to wear the gun inside the pants, at the same time reducing the sensation of obstruction and weight. The inning match ABS+Leather signs a new standard in the field.
• Ventilated premium grade leather
• 3mm ABS thickness
• Steel clip that allow for quick and easy positioning on your belt

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5 out of 5

Love the concept


Shape and general design of this holster is great. Sits deep, is comfortable to wear appendix. However, should be a full kydex holster w/retention because when you remove gun from holster, it collapses and make reholstering difficult and not the safest for a striker fired firearm. Wish I had a blue gun. It works and retains the gun well, but reholstering is a big negative. Still have much love for my Berettas but this holster needs a revamp.

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