Beretta 21 Bobcat Magazine .22lr 7Rds Review: Extra magazines for the Beretta P21-A "Bobcat" in .22lr

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Extra magazines for the Beretta P21-A "Bobcat" in .22lr


I bought my Beretta "Jetfire" in .22LR over 20 yrs ago, keeping the weapon loaded with 8 rounds most of the time. Suspecting the original magazine spring to be worn, I ordered spare 7 round magazines from Beretta twice in groups of 2 each. The new mags work flawlessly, firm and crisp, even with hollow point bullets. I currently fire my P21 much more often at the range; finishing each range session with 32-40 shots through this small but great pistol. Simple and easy to reload by pulling down the follower screw with my off hand. Maintenance: fresh from the factory, I stripped the magazines and thoroughly cleaned and lightly lubricated the springs. After each shooting session I merely wipe the outside with a clean cloth to remove any residue.

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