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Typical - Rating is of the handling and packaging, product works fine.


The magazine works as expected, no surprises there, but the packaging from Beretta was a joke. Thrown loose in a large box, with a scope I had ordered, it spent its journey to me sliding along in the big box. So when I got it, the bluing on the sides was partially worn off (down to the metal). This is funny in the typical "I don't care" sort of way. I can see the difference from the original magazine that came with the gun (12 years ago). That magazine is in perfect blued condition, not worm by the shipping from Beretta. So thank Beretta for not caring, I'll be sure to keep that in mind when buying in the future.

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2 out of 5

Specs not consistent


I own 2 Bobcat pistols, one from 1997 and one new from 2017. Between the guns and the magazines, manufacturing has not been consistent. I now own 8 magazines, and have had excessive issues with the magazines refusing to latch into place. Adjustments to the guns helped, but the real culprit seems to be the footer plate on the magazines. Only after Beretta replaced some footer plates for me (on BRAND NEW magazines) was I able to get them to latch securely & consistently. It seems that newer magazines have this problem more than older ones. Specs should be more consistent - this is an unacceptable problem that leads the gun to be unreliable at times!

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