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Beretta 92/96 series Steel Trigger, Spring Trigger and D Hammer Spring

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# E00691

Replace your composite trigger with the original made in solid steel, the kit inclode also a trigger spring and the D version of the hammer spring.

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The set includes trigger, trigger spring and D-version hammer spring, enabling you to replace the composite trigger of your pistol with one made of solid steel.
It fits all Beretta full-sized series 90 pistols. Note: it will not fit Billennium, Steel One or Combat models.

From Marc:

Like the smooth feel of the steel vs the textured feel of the poly trigger. The D-spring definitely eased up the DA side of the trigger and the SA also. Easy to install about 20 min.Thanks again Baretta.


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5 out of 5

Huge Upgrade


the "D" hammer spring should be standard with the 92 series,.. I have used my Beretta 96 for 7 years,.. just installed this spring and instantly felt a better double action and single action trigger pull.


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5 out of 5

Great Upgrade


I installed this set in my 92FS Compact Type L, and improved the feel and constancy of the trigger pull in DA and SA. The metal trigger does not flex and my finger smoothly glides across the surface. The D hammer spring takes the progressively heavy to heavier DA pull to a smooth, more constant feel, much like a S&W Model 19 revolver.


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