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Beretta 92/96 Series Wood Grips with Trident Logo

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# EU00037

Beretta 92 Series Wood Grips with Trident Logo

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Genuine walnut grips with big Trident Logo, Set of 2 grips.
Fits 92/96 FS Models excluding versions Stock, Combat, Billennium, Compact and Compact Type M
(Grip screws not included)

Please note that due to the natural quality of the wood, color and grain vary widely from very dark with heavy grain, to light with few grain markings.

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5 out of 5



Looks real sharp and classy compared to the plastic grip. I own two sets of wood grips. The other set checkered on the lower half. Change back and forth as the mood strikes. Both wood grips make the gun look special and custom built.


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5 out of 5

Awesome grips!!!


Received and put these grips on yesterday. They look so good I can't stop looking at them. I must say though that with the clear coat they are a little slick feeling, so perhaps not the best choice for combat or carry. For that I might go with grips with checkering. Maybe it's just a matter of getting used to them. At any rate, they are just beautiful, and I recommend them highly, just for the looks if nothing else!!!

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