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So many thing's I've purchased from Beretta and they're top notch, have to say this one missed the mark. I purchased these in hopes that I'd have a similar grip, while dressing up the M9 a bit. First, the good - they fit great. Other than that, mine were VERY dark, dark enough to provide little contrast with the pistol itself. Worse, although the finish is very nice, it looks like plastic - but they aren't. There is virtually no grain visible in the wood, adding to the plastic look. The checkering is rounded a bit on the ends, so it doesn't provide as good a grip feel as it could have. They also add about 1/16th of an inch to the thickness of the grip compared to the standard grips. Tried to strip and re-stain them a lighter finish, but that didn't work out well. In the end the craftsmanship is fine, they're well made, just be sure they're what you're looking for: a thicker grip, dark dark wood finish, with checkering that has no "bite". If you can get past those things, you'll probably like them.