Beretta 92/96 Series Wood Grips Review: Great Grips

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Great Grips


I received these in the mail with both excitement and anticipation of a great set of grips. First the positives: The grips feel great, they are a few millimeters thicker than the plastic grips, which is great considering I have large hands. I feel that the increase in grip size will help maintain a tight grip while shooting. Furthermore, the grips are very well-made. They have a feeling that is smooth to the touch, almost like a baby's bottom haha. Honestly, the grips are all around great, there are no imperfections whatsoever and the stain had been evenly distributed on the both grips. Ultimately, they feel great and they fit perfectly on my 96/A1. Now to the negatives, or more like the one negative: Unfortunately, the photo supplied on this site is a few shades darker than what I had received. The photo displayed on the site is more of a cherry color while the grips are actually a bit darker than the natural color. All in all, amazing grips, the color still looks great!

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