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Purchased an A300 Outlander and in the box was a clothing and accessory guide and on the first page was this case. The guide offered 15% off of the first order and this case was listed in the guide at $49.00 When I logged in to the website A300Out.Land the case was listed at $55.00 and you had to spend $100 to get the discount which wasn't mentioned in the guide. I bundled a couple of other items, the Beretta Light Active jacket which I am extremely pleased with to get the discount. Upon arrival, I was disappointed that there was foam only on one side, it seemed to be made of flimsy plastic and I can see the latches breaking off prematurely. There were no instructions on how to place the shotgun in the case but it was pretty easy to figure out. Again, there is foam only on one side of the case, consequently, the firearm is only protected by the flimsy molded plastic on one side. Also included was a seemingly useless piece of plastic with the Beretta logo. Better cases out there

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