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Beretta Choke Tube Mobilchoke Extended Hunting

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Fits Beretta Silver Pigeon I (field models), A300 Outlander, 687 (field models), Some 391 Models

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Fits Beretta Silver Pigeon I (field models), A300 Outlander, 687 (field models), Some 391 Models

The Choke tube family has been studied in order to satisfy all the hunters needs.
For this reason Beretta has been develop four new constriction: Extra Full, Light Full, Light Modified and Skeet USA.
Extended Hunting Tubes fit on all MOBILCHOKE barrels.
Made of High Quality Steel, due the heat treatment they have great stress resistance.
They are blued and have an antireflection coating.
Emergency tube tool is available.
Available in four gauges: 12, 20, 28. Made in Italy.

How Can I Identify My Choke Tubes?

Where can I find the constrictions or dimensions on my Beretta choke tubes?

Which Choke Tube Should I Use?

Can I use Steel Shot with my Beretta Choke Tubes?

We suggest that - when using Steel Shot - you only use choke tubes marked with the SP (Steel Proof) identification on the side and that you use the most open choke system possible – i.e. Cylinder / Improved Cylinder / or Modified.  We DO NOT recommend use of Steel Shot in the X-Tra Full Turkey / Full / or Improved Modified choke tube.

As with any shotgun, always be sure to check your choke tubes during use to verify that they are tight in the barrel. Loose choke tubes can cause barrel damage.

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Extended Chokes


I purchased the Full and Light Full Chokes. I have an older Sporting 686 with 30" barrels, that came with Flush Mobilchokes. I wanted a little extra distance on my pattern so I bought the Chokes. They screwed in easily. I tried the Light Full Choke in my gun on the trap field and it really smoked the targets. Next time, I plan to try the Full Choke. I don't hunt much so I will probably will only use them for trap and sporting clays. All in all a good product and the price is right.

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3 out of 5

Watch Out: lead only


I bought a LF and was happy with the fact you don't need wrench to change them so I decided to buy an IC and M (I wanted an IM but price was too high as mentioned already by somebody else). Unfortunately, looking now at the LF, I can read: "lead shot only". I couldn't find any mention about this anywhere and now I am concerned I get the same issue with the 2 others ... I don't shoot clay but hunt waterfowl and need chokes that can shoot steel ...

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