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Beretta Grip Frame for APX Compact

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Beretta APX COMPACT Grip Frame it's sold with two additional back straps: thin and large size. Compatible with Compact/Centurion uppers only. Not compatible with full-size upper.

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Availabe for APX Compact
Modular chassis system allows replacement, reconfiguration, size tailoring, including:
- Different Dimensions 
- Different color grip frames (Black, Olive Drab, Wolf Gray, Dark Earth)
- Customization of the frame without destroying the gun (stippling)
Ability to easily customize your APX; modifications like ‘stippling’ become less risky thanks to an easily-interchangeable frame.
The break-down of the gun in its basic subcomponents also allows users to maintain their APX more easily.
Compatible with Compact/Centurion uppers only. Not compatible with full size upper.

Will fit

  • APX Centurion (All calibers)
  • APX Compact (All calibers)
Click Here for download the full APX Owner Manual (34 MB)

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5 out of 5

APX grip not so great.


I've owned a number of Beretta firearms over the years with my latest being an APX Centurion. The three 92s and ARX I own work flawlessly, but the APX I recently purchased has had a problem out of the Box. I've contacted Beretta no fewer than FIVE times about the APX and have sent them videos of the issue, per their request. Each time they say they'll "get back to me" but a couple months have passed and I have heard nothing from them. The APX needs a grip that is warped and for some reason they will not offer me a replacement. Poor customer service, Beretta, and shame on you.

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5 out of 5

Compact frame


Amazing fit and finish. I painted my frame for my full size APX and wanted a frame so I could continue to rely on my pistol for my EDC while the frame cured. Ordered the compact frame for just a little more concealability. It prints significantly less and I don't think I will be going back to my full size anytime soon. The guide rod and spring are exposed for about 1/4-1/3" but that is acceptable to me as my pistol spends 90% of the day in its holster so it is still protected. All in all, I am more than happy with my choice.

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