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Beretta No Finger Grooves Grip for APX with two additional Backstraps

# E02049

Beretta Grip "No Fingers Grooves" With 3 Backstraps for APX

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Unique modular chassis system allows replacement, reconfiguration, size tailoring, including:
- Different sizes
- Different color grip frames (Black, Olive Drab, Wolf Gray, Dark Earth)
- Customization of the frame without destroying the gun (stippling)
Ability to easily customize your APX; modifications like ‘stippling’ become less risky thanks to an easily-interchangeable frame. The break-down of the gun in its basic subcomponents also allows users to maintain their APX more easily.
Click Here for download the full APX Owner Manual (34 MB)

From Dave:

Beretta has done a fantastic job with the APX, I love the way the firearm feels and functions, I didn't mind the finger grooves in the original, in fact I have the FDE grip frame with the grooves also. I decided to give the gray frame a try without the finger grooves and it feels great, it's nice to have the option to go with or without grooves, I think Beretta has really listened to the firearm community by offering the grips both ways, great job Beretta.


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5 out of 5

best grip ever


I've been a Glock fanboy since 1996, but I decided to pick up the APX and give it a try. The APX is better than a Glock, and the ability to change out the grip module with or without the finger-groves puts the APX light years ahead of the Sig P320 (which I own--I had to buy an extra grip module so it would fit my hand, not cool). I also like the replaceable backstraps, again this makes the APX the better pistol.

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5 out of 5

Best move for my apx


I swapped to the no finger groves and immediately noticed improved feel and accuracy at the range my groups got alot better front stipling really grips your hands glad i made the swap!

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