Beretta Hard Leather Case for standard Beretta shotguns Review: Not the quality I expected

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Not the quality I expected


The case just isn't up to par for what they're asking. Firstly, if you look at Browning's leather cases, you'll see that it looks extremely similar, leading me to think that these are just private labeled cases from some large mfr. 2nd issue: Made in Mexico. 3rd issue: Not exactly as shown in pictures. The buckle for the lower was changed to velco, this is mentioned in the canvas case description, but not the leather case. Also, where all of the inner sections meet the outside of the case, there is hardware showing on the outside of the case where it screws in. 4th issue: the pretty looking brass locks are crap. One latch moves easily, the second requires 3x force and barely moves when it finally opens Biggest problem: Doesn't fit my 686 properly. The foregrip doesn't fit in the space how it is shown to in the canvas bag. And with the grip on the barrels, it dents the velvet lining on the top of the case. The barrels only fit vertically and the provided blocks don't fit.

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