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Beretta 92/96 series Spare Parts / Replacement Part Kit

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# EK68615

Kit Spare Parts For Pistols 92 Series

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Kit includes 27 top needed parts for repair of Beretta Pistols 92 Series. Applicability of parts is indicated below:

  • Magazine Spring (C53849)
  • Magazine Bottom (C57058)
  • Recoil Spring Guide (C59244)
  • Recoil Spring (C90198)
  • Grip Screw (C95080)
  • Grip Bush (C50731)
  • Spring Washer (C97065)
  • Hammer Spring (C90047)
  • Hammer Spring Cap (C56801)
  • Pin (C97007)
  • Kit Locking Block + Locking Block Plunger (C61461)
  • Locking Block Plunger Pin (C97117)
  • Release Plunger Spring (C90236)
  • Extractor Pin (C54930)
  • Extractor Spring (C90224)
  • Firing Pin Catch Pin (C97037)
  • Safety Lever Plunger (C97122)
  • Sear (C53167)
  • Sear Spring (C54183)
  • Sear Pin (C92190)
  • Firing Pin (C54793)
  • Firing Spring Pin (C90173)
  • Slide Catch Spring (C54113)
  • Trigger Bar Spring (C54124)
  • Trigger Spring (C54066)
  • Hammer Release Lever Pin (C54919)
  • Magazine Release Button (C90178)

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3 out of 5

This should be mandatory


Having a spare parts kit like this should be mandatory for anyone who wants to ensure they'll be able to use their handgun well into the future. The parts are separated out into their own labeled bins in a semi-clear plastic box. I highly recommend this to anyone who is passionate about their Beretta firearm and wish to keep it running in top shape for years to come.

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