Beretta U22 Neos Front Sight Set of 5

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# UD6A0283

Beretta Neos U22 Front Sight Set of 5. Colors: RED, WHITE, ORANGE, YELLOW, BLACK.


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Put away the nail polish or specialized paint. Our set of five front sights (red, white, orange, yellow, black) ensures you’ll always have the right color to match the conditions or your preferences.

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5 out of 5

Love these Sites!


I just got my sites today, along with my new DLX grip. It's great that they come in a 5 pack, and that if one color gets old, you can switch. I picked white to match my rear sites. Again, shipping was BLAZING fast. You can't go wrong getting these.


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5 out of 5

neos front sights set of 5


very good color selection. really liked the red, yellow and orange ones. once I found out all you needed was a very small allen wrench, taking out the old sight and putting in the new one was a breeze. I used a small rubber malet to line up the hole in the sight with the one in the rail and the allen screw went right in all the way. a little patients and finesse, nothing to it. ready to enjoy.

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