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First thing the old sights are very hard to get out. You'll need the sight tool. Second when you put the new ones in again with the sight tool. You will need to remove the part that has the dots. There is a set screw to the right which is a windage screw. Take it all the way out. Be careful not to lose the spring. The sight tool will not come off without removing this piece as its too wide for the tool to get past. Third be careful with the front sight. You can take it out with the sight tool but putting the new one in you might want to tap it in cause the sight tool doesn't fit flush with it and it cocks going in. I broke mine! Tap it in until the sight is in the slot with the center all the way in then you can use the sight tool to press it the rest of the way in. I put my old front sight back in for now till I get a new one and it works fine with the old one. Now that I have done it once on my. 45 it will be easier when I do my 9mm. I am also hoping these sights fit a taurus 917 since that gun is way off and the sights aren't adjustable! Maybe before I put the set on my Px4 9mm I try them on my Taurus 9