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Beretta Stainless Steel Tumbler

# E02524

Stainless steel tumbler with polymer drinking lid and black soft touch finishing; printed 3 Arrows Beretta logo on front. NOTE: the item must be hand washed.

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Beretta Official Merchandise

If you are a Beretta lover, you also are an adventurer. Always on the go, none can stop you. From the challenges of the field to those of your everyday life, sometimes you simply need to take a small break, relax, recharge and restart! This is why we included in our merchandise line the Beretta Stainless Steel Tumbler, the best way to always have your favorite beverage on hand. Whether you like it cold or hot, our Tumbler will make sure to keep it at just the right temperature. Traveling, at the office, on the field...wherever you are. Pause and enjoy. This is your time.


  •     Logo: Printed Beretta "3 arrows"
  •     Material: Stainless Steel body and polymer drinking lid
  •     Finishing: Black soft touch
  •     NOTE: the item must be hand washed

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