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Beretta Survival Bracelet

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# E02527

Survival bracelet in cord with built in whistle on "male" fastex.

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Beretta Official Merchandise

Does your outdoor look need an update, a small detail to show you are a passionate adventurer ready to take on all the challenges? Try the Beretta Survival Bracelet, the typical accessory of the bravest military forces. Even when you are not out in the field, you can look and feel fearless and cool. Equipped with an emergency whistle, this bracelet is perfect to be worn during your excursions. Because a real man is always ready.


  •     Logo: Laser engraved Beretta "3 arrows"
  •     Material: Cord and Polymer
  •     Finishing: Black color
  •     Built in emergency whistle

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5 out of 5

Ankle/Wrist Survival Bracelet


This Survival Bracelet has a heavy duty clip, heavy duty cord, & whistle on the clip for calling out to rescuers. Can be worn around your wrist or ankle. No matter where you fall or what happens to you, this Survival Bracelet will always stay with you, no matter what happens, unlike a cell phone, flashlight, multi tools, etc, that can end up getting thrown off body (out of reach) in accidents. It can be used in making slings, splints, tourniquets, & tying up branches for framing an emergency shelter, etc. This bracelet has multiple uses. For the price of $13.30; this is a must have item for being in the outdoors. Excellent Beretta quality. Although I have not had to use it yet, It will always be on my person, should the need arise.

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