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Beretta U22 Neos DLX Grips

4.6 out of 5
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# JGU22R
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Accessorize your U22 Neos with a different DLX Inlay grip!

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Accessorize your U22 Neos with a different DLX Inlay grip!

1) Field strip the pistol.
2) Use Allen wrench to loosen the bolt at the base of the grip.
3) Torque the body away from the grip - the grip will bend slightly at the trigger guard.
4) keep a finger (or tape) on the slide release to keep it in place, there's a little spring underneath that's a pain to reinstall (I know)
5) The barrel wheel might/will fall out, then you can pull the grip back from the body, as it's now help in place by the angled tab of plastic on the front of the grip - at this point it should snap out.
6) install new grip - don't worry about barrel wheel - just get new grip in place then you can ease it out a bit and slide wheel in (grooved side up if I remember).
7) tighten hex bolt.

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4.6 out of 5

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4 out of 5

Nice grips but no instructions, beware small parts


POSITIVES: nice grips, good looking, comfortable, and the lighter colored insert is rubber, not hard plastic like the standard grips. NEGATIVES: no instructions, and they don't warn you that installation can cause tiny parts to fall out of your gun if you hold it wrong. Another review claimed, "Pop off the old grip, and mount the new one. It's as easy as that." Not quite! Yes, I used the Beretta Neos tool to easily unscrew the old grip, then popped off the old grip (with the aid of a small knife). But as I was trying to insert the new grips into place, two tiny pieces fell off the left side of the pistol - the slide stop, and a tiny spring that held the slide stop in place! I managed to re-install the slide stop, but the spring would not go back in. These grips should come with instructions to warn you to ALWAYS HOLD THE PISTOL WITH THE LEFT SIDE FACING UP while removing the old grip and installing the new grip. If you hold it the other way, these 2 tiny pieces can fall out, and the spring is very difficult (impossible for me) to reinstall. Fortunately, the slide stop seems to work okay without the spring.


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5 out of 5

nice grip


more comfortable than original factory grip, i like the "tacky" feeling rubber inserts, good grip where originals are sorta "slick" feeling. grey insert looks good. i am not sure what another reviewer means about where the magazine release is located, ALL 22 neos pistols are in the same place, right side above trigger guard.big improvement at reasonable price.

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