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4 out of 5

Neck made to European size is 1 inch too small American but rest shirt fits perfect, this is nuts


This is a high quality shirt but size chart online is wrong for neck size but right for other dimensions. This is because other dimensions are American and neck size is European but size chart shows it as American neck size. The fix to have shirt fit on both continents, would be 2 buttons on neck and one inch more material, then the customer could choose a neck button based on whether they had American or European neck size( European is one inch smaller). This is a "no brainer" and I can't believe Beretta did this , especially putting incorrect info in online size chart for neck size only. This is so stupid. Did they plan to just not have these shirts fit Americans? Also, your printed catalog calls the shirt "Wool Flannel". It is not wool, it is cotton flannel. Online correctly states name of shirt as "Wood Flannel" . Did Beretta lay off all it's Quality Control Department ?

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