Beretta Xplor Sling Review: OK but needs improvement!

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OK but needs improvement!


Sling is very nice looking, but has two flaws. 1st, leather straps that go through the buckles are quiet thin split leather and don't look like they'll last very long & once they break the whole sling is unusable. 2nd, the sling length is not long enough. On the longest setting I can wear it over my shoulder, but it's still tight and presses my A400 Xplor shotgun tightly against my side. The shortest setting is to tight to even use. It really needs to be 4-6 inches longer to be a good comfortable sling! Generally, it is well made and looks great, but is just too short! I'd love this sling if it were longer and had more sturdy leather straps. I LOVE my A400 Xplor 12 gauge though! When this sling breaks I'll get me a longer one, even if it's not as good looking...since function is more important than looks. :)

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