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Upland Sportsman

Beretta Covey Strap Vest

# GU124T1651088LI

The Covey Hunting Strap Vest is designed for upland and waterfowl hunters.

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The Covey Strap Vest is a blend of resistant cotton and Polyamide. It contains a large double entry gamebag and adjustable straps. The position of pockets and gamebag allows comfortable movement.


  • Regulation shoulder straps.
  • Large front cartridge pockets.
  • Closure with plastic buckles.
  • Rubber Beretta logo
  • Expandable double entry fully openable and washable gamebag.

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great looking vest, haven't bought it yet, not enough info...says good for upland AND waterfowl, so i'm wondering, is the blaze patch removable? it appears so, but it's not in the description anywhere. please advise.

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