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Waterfowl Hunter, Big Game, Rifle Hunting, Upland Sportsman, Outdoor Casual

Beretta Fleece Beanie

# BC461T14650999S

Fleece beanie made of a soft, breathable and warm microfiber.

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The fleece beanie is soft and warm, fitted on the head,to give a sensation of extra comfort.

Hunting Accessories
To complete the ideal equipment for hunting or for your days out, Beretta offers a selection of scarves, gloves and hats, from the technical and performing ones to the traditional in materials and design. More hats and gloves, coordinated with specific product families, are represented in their segment.


  •     Embroidered Beretta logo on the front.
  •     Beretta colors loop on the back.

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5 out of 5



I have so many of these hats. I was very disappointed of the new one I bought last week. The old version was made in Romania and fleece was much ticker and better quality. The newest made in China and quality it’s sucks. I don’t want to return it because it’s orange color. They don’t have it these color in the past. But I would not buy it again. I hope Beretta comeback to the previous quality and stop made it stuff in China with a cheap materials.

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2 out of 5

poor fit


nicely made hat, but poor fitting design. It doesn't cover even halfway down my ears. The material is thin, not heavy for fleece, which is what I expected so no complaints there, but don't buy it thinking it's a real winter cap. disappointed that it didn't fit, aesthetically nice though.

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