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Beretta APX Civilian RDO Right Hand Holster

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# E02220

A professional service holster made of Polyform for the concealed carry-over of the weapon in plain clothes and equipped with an innovative rubber-Tech loop that allows you to customize the height and inclination by acting on 2 screws. (Right Hand)

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  • It is equipped with 2 retention levels, the first is the Drop Retention Safety Device, a hemispherical protrusion that acts on the trigger guard to adjust the extraction strength of the weapon.
  • The second is the STR SYSTEM device consisting of a retentive screw which brakes the internal movement of the weapon acting directly on the trolley.
  • Made in Italy. (Right Hand)

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4 out of 5

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5 out of 5

Apx holster


Out of the package it didn't fit very well. We wind up putting the gun in it and leaving it out in the sunshine to warm up to form. After that it fit pretty well

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3 out of 5

Too Tight


This holster is way too tight out of the box. It is not usable without making it looser with heat. Allows for a full grip purchase on draw and good range of cant adjustment.

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