Dear Retailer,

In order to protect the integrity of our brand we have established new policies and Authorized Retailer Terms & Conditions. We fully recognize that our brick and mortar and ecommerce partners are the core of our business and we are committed to doing everything possible to supporting your future success. In order for us to succeed in this endeavor, we need your timely assistance. Please take a moment to review and e-sign our new agreement and policies, which you will find by going here: or to the link below. All current and new retail partners will be subject to the Retailer Agreement and the corresponding Authorized Retailer Terms & Conditions, which detail the channels in which you are authorized to sell Beretta, Tikka and Sako Products and provides the legal framework for us to enforce against those who violate this agreement, specifically as it relates to and other online marketplaces.

It is important to note that our new Retailer Agreement and Authorized Retailer Terms & Conditions allow and encourage retailers to sell Beretta, Tikka and Sako Products on your own website(s), as long as you do so in accordance with these policies.

Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

The Beretta Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (MAP) will remain unchanged. An updated copy of this policy can be found here.
MAP Policy - Firearms
MAP Policy - Clothing & Accessories

Beretta Marketplace Guidelines

Beretta has entered in an exclusive distribution agreement with a partner to sell our Products on and other third party marketplaces. No other third parties will be authorized to sell any Beretta, Tikka or Sako Products on or any other third party marketplace in any manner. If you have been selling Beretta, Tikka or Sako items on Amazon or to Amazon or other third party marketplaces, do not purchase any additional stock to sell in this channel as you will be unauthorized as of February 3 2020.

Beretta will be maintaining all content and listing creation on the Amazon platform to ensure that it properly represents our brand and conforms to all laws, rules and regulations. Retailers are not permitted to create new listings or alter the content of current listings for any reason.

Diversion & Unauthorized Resale

Retailers are allowed to purchase Beretta, Tikka and Sako Products for resale in authorized sales channels only. Any unauthorized sale or diversion of Beretta, Tikka and Sako Products to another retailer or Amazon will constitute a violation of the Beretta, Tikka and Sako Retailer Agreement and Authorized Retailer Terms & Conditions. Violation will be considered tortious business interference and will result in account suspension and/or termination and may result in legal enforcement and liquidated damages.

Commitment to our Future

Just like many of you, we are family owned and operated, and we consider our retailer partners part of our family. We are committed to your long-term success and are excited to take these steps to strengthen our brand and our partnerships with you. Thank you for your business, and for taking the time to review and sign our new policies.

Please direct all questions regarding the new Retailer Agreement and Authorized Retailer Terms & Conditions to:

Kindly follow this link to electronically sign the Retailer Agreement: Click here to download the Retailer Agreement.

Please return signed documents to:



Brand Compliance Team
Beretta U.S.A. Corp. 

17601 Beretta Drive, Accokeek, MD 20607