Beretta Multiaction Pants GTX® Review: Unhappy Camper

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3 out of 5

Unhappy Camper


I purchased this pant last fall as a stand in for my Folsom chaps, that are beyond their last leg. The fit is great, and movement is as well, but as far as waterproof/windproof, I’m saying no. Goretex used to be the benchmark for impermeable, yet breathable material, but I’ve noticed over the past few years, it has been more and more likely to fail than holdup. Love the lace hook on the bottom hemline, and ALWAYS wear with FirstLite gators, which stay dry below. I had been suspicious of this this past fall, but usually warmed up and the cool feeling went away. Today, however, after running my drahts for a couple of hours on the prairies, the dew soaked my legs. Feet were completely dry inside 10 year old Danner boots...maybe I just got a lemon. I hope so, because like I said, love everything else about them.

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