Beretta BU NANO Hybrid Right Hand IWB Holster Review: Great Hybrid Holster

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Great Hybrid Holster


Note that I am new to the carry world so I can’t compare to other products. It seems that Beretta took a good amount of time into this holster. The cant and height is adjustable by holes on the clips and leather backing. The fit of the holster was what you would expect, light and thin as possible for a hybrid holster. I notice that the first few times you holster your Nano it will cut grooves in the kydex, which I’m guessing is normal, so make sure to holster your gun enough before actually carrying so that it can be drawn smoothly since it grips a bit tight at first. You will also want to wear a strong belt while wearing this (if you didn't know beforehand) since the clips hold better to your pants with one on and also that it helps with not weighing down your pants. Otherwise no problems.

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