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Law Enforcement, Tactical and Personal Defense

Beretta PICO Leather Right Hand Easy Fit Holster Mod. 01

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# E01658

Premium leather inside holster fits PICO.

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  • Premium leather inside holster with visible stitching.
  • Leather loop complete with double button belt release.
  • Fits PICO.
  • Made in Italy.

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5 out of 5

Excellent Pico Carry Option


This is the third Beretta holster I have purchased for my Beretta firearms and each one has superb in terms of fit, finish and practicality. This holster is molded perfectly for the PICO, holding it snugly but allowing an easy and quick draw. The two belt loops with snaps rotate around a center screw to adjust cant but there is a set of velcro circles, one on the loop and one on the holster that secure a chosen cant angle and hold it well. While many like to position the two snap loops on either side of a belt loop on their trousers, I found this holster fits perfectly at my 4-o'clock position snug in between two of my belt loops which constrain it perfectly. I've found I can wear it inside the belt but outside the waistband of my jeans (your jeans may vary). In this position the PICO is easily accessible but easy to conceal. It stays put with no adjustment needed during the day. This is a high quality holster; the Italians really know how to craft leather. Love It!

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