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The alum mag extension adds another 1/2" grip surface area to the standard PX4 magazine, which helps facilitate a three finger grip with the Compact. This combination compares favorably to the use of a full size 17 round magazine in the Compact, which adds another 7/16" to the grip area. Unfortunately in this arrangement, there is no X-grip adapter available for the Compact (like that for the Subcompact) that finishes off the space between the bottom of the handgun and the bottom of the magazine. The new alum mag extension helps solve that dilemma, by using a 15 round mag as opposed to a 17 round mag. My preference however, is still for an X-grip adapter (for the 17 round mag to use in the Compact), since they are cheaper and easier to interchange. Hence the 4 star rating. But the aluminum mag extension is the next best thing, and really helps with a three finger grip for those of us with larger hands!

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