Beretta PX4 Storm Compact Tritium Night Sights Review: Disappointed

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3 out of 5



Beretta installed these sights less than 6 months ago. The sight picture is very good. I've had many other Ameriglo sights and I'd say these are my third favorite from this company after the Bold and Agent sights they make for Glock. In fact, if they had rear serrations (for better contrast) and a single rear tritium vial in the rear (or a double set) they would be better for two reasons. One, the square paint on the front is very easy to pick up because it fills in the otherwise black corners. Second, they didn't add any more metal than necessary to the rear sight to show more of the target than most sights (only XS shows more. Lacking a rear tritium vial, however—as bad as it is—isn't the worst thing. THE TRITIUM IS SO DIM compared to my newer Ameriglo i-Dot sights on my Shield. I think Beretta either gave me VERY old stock or the tritium vials are smaller (I'm not sure), but if you want a bright front night sight, I'd check with Ameriglo fist or just get Trijicon HD's instead.

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