Beretta PX4 Storm Compact Tritium Night Sights Review: Mumford

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I have trouble aligning theses sights in transition lighting where I can still identify my target. In my opinion, there is no point of making night sights if you can't align the front and rear sights. You're doing little more than practicing point shooting with these sights. You don't have time for that in a defensive situation, nor do you have time to turn on the lights. Blacked out rears are for competition, not personal protection. It literally makes no sense from a strategic standpoint. I can only imagine it was due to politics that the decision was made to go with this sight design. Unfortunately, the only alternative is the thicker Trijicon HD sights where the front sight is 0.144" wide. Although I prefer the Ameriglo 0.120" T-CAP sights (such as Ameriglo model GL-212-165-120-OR-Q for Glock pistols), I'm going to buy the Trijicons because these do not work well in certain transition lighting that is more prevalent than you might think. Moreover, they should have been thinner.

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