Beretta PX4 Storm Competition Trigger Group Review: Burgin

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I liked the Compact Carry PX4 Storm so much I put this kit in other PX4 pistols from full size to compact 9mm & .40 S&W, but not .45ACP. It's a fabulous piece of kit! The first shooting session with the PX 4 Compact Carry was so incredible, I immediately wanted a full sized version too. The kit is kind of a quasi-drop in assembly, but it requires no actual fitting, with files, reamers, or hones. It was pretty darn easy to install. If you do get stuck watch a few Youtube videos, and take the best of what you can from each one, but if it doesn't feel right, stop, and do more research, or go to a gunsmith. Add the duty spring kit, and a Wilson Combat or Wolff mainspring, and the PX 4 becomes truly spectacular, not that it is not already a fine pistol. The other additions like stealth decocking/slide release levers, sights, and mag release buttons are also nice, but the PX4 with the trigger, but action upgrades are so nice it just does NOT feel at all like any common polymer pistol.

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