Beretta PX4 Storm Competition Trigger Group Review: Excellent Upgrade

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Excellent Upgrade


Definitely Beretta quality item. Installation is fairly simple, but CAUTION when watching the U-Tubes, as most seem to avoid the tricky parts (I bought the AGI Armorer's DVD for the PX4, which really helped). Suggest you examine the hammer pivot pin housing on the new group to note the retainer spring that needs to be depressed prior to removing hammer pivot pin (pointed end job); also, may want to remove trigger to make installation easier, but that has its quirks too. All-in-all, really smoothed out the trigger pull, seems to give a cleaner and more precise break; did not notice any difference in length of take-up pull (did not measure), but has much better feel. This, with new competition metal trigger, reduced pull by about 28% on my compact.

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