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Beretta PX4 Storm Solid Steel Competition Trigger

4.1 out of 5
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# C5G270

Special Steel Trigger made from solid steel for use with PX4 Full Size, Compact and Sub Compact.

Description Expand Content Trigger

Special Steel Trigger made from solid steel for use with PX4 Full Size, Compact, Sub Compact and Special Duty. It Increases the quality of the trigger pull and improve the feel the action.

For Competition use only, we do not recomend the usage of this trigger for carry.

This product has extended Warranty for the part itself*. Feel free to contact us for any question. 800.237.3882 x 2003

*Warranty does not applay for labor charges for installation.

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4.1 out of 5

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4 out of 5

Trigger Pin Fit


The solid steel competition trigger is a really nice upgrade. Also installed the competition trigger group (C8C205), but did not try the "D" spring--trigger pull dropped from 5.1# to 3.9#, which is about right for my preferences; did note that trigger bar still rubs on the frame some, and not sure whether it is being forced out a little by the new trigger or not, but sanded a few imperfections in the polymer off to help. Noted several reviewers indicated they had to fit (ream-out?) the left side (single) hole in the trigger. Had an extra pin in spare parts kit (Special Duty pin C5B882--original pin designated C5B734 per Brownell), which fit the trigger and frame; the SD pin measured about 2.94mm diameter, and the original pin measured about 2.98mm (not sure why difference)--dry fit outside pistol had SD pin working with both original and metal trigger, where the original trigger pin fit the original trigger, but was very tight/binding on the metal one. Hope this is useful.

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5 out of 5

Should be stock


Honestly I love it. The feeling of a steel trigger can't be beat. The trigger feels smoother But perhaps it feels so much better than the stock because the stock polymer trigger is just meh. It functions well enough as a trigger. Don't get me wrong. But its roughly finished and has sharp edges. A flaw in a very beautiful pistol. If I was beretta I'd make the steel triggers stock or at very least work on the finish of the polymer triggers more. Maybe a little checkering on this trigger would be nice as well. I'm glad they offer this upgrade. I plan on getting a competition hammer kit and D spring asap, and will do reviews on those as well. Now if only they could get the beretta tomcat in stock.

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