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Men's Shooting Range,Hunting Gear

Beretta Transformer Shell Pouch

# BS04AA23980903UNI

Pouch for 50 cartridges.

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Transformer Light

The Transformer Light, made in durable polyester,  is essential in features and weight. Why Transformer? Because everything inside this line can be transformed in different ways to give the shooters maximum comfort during their travels and a new experience on the shooting range. The EVA insert is the receiver protection on the gun case, a removable and functional backpack in the gun backpack and an openable bottom compartment  in the cartridge bag.The main material is a rubber touch water and scratch resistant polyester. Bulk YKK zip gives extra durability and fast opening/closing  to have everything you need at your hand.


  • Capacity: 50 cartridges.
  • Dimensions: 32x21x10 cm.
  • Adjustable belt with clip buckle closure.
  • Elastic strap for 3 chokes/cartridges.

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