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Got this for a 92A1, I have a boss hanger setup for another pistol, thought this would be similar, it is close but not quite. Hanger is nice dark blue but the belt attachment bands included are red and screws are too long. The hanger is a straight piece of aluminum and is skinny at 0.125” vs boss at 0.215” and it looks skinny. Holster attachment is same dark blue but beefy at 0.2”. The holster is a standard thickness kydex with carbon fiber exterior. I replaced the top adjustment screw with a knurled knob so I can adjust pinch tension on the fly. There are extra ridges on the interior of the holster to capture the trigger guard and they make pinch adjustment very finicky. When adjusted for good tension and draw, the trigger guard removes material from these ridges. I will probably end up filing them off. The tilt adjustment works as advertised but spacers are easily crushed by the big screws. I am satisfied but not wowed and needed a hardware run to fix things and dial it in.

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